Kelly Sue DeConnick and Robson Rocha to Take Over 'Aquaman'

DC has announced at San Diego Comic-Con that Pretty Deadly writer Kelly Sue DeConnick will be the new writer on Aquaman.

DC made the announcement at its annual Thursday press breakfast at SDCC. Shortly after, Entertainment Weekly confirmed the news and added that Robson Rocha would be the artist on her new run. DeConnick is the first woman to write Aquaman's solo series.

DeConnick is best known for her role revitalizing Captain Marvel in 2014 and 2015. The once B-list superhero was pushed to the forefront of the Marvel Universe thanks to DeConnick's reinterpretation of the character, which attracted a passionate fanbase known as the "Carol Corps."

According to DC chief creative officer Jim Lee, DeConnick's run on Aquaman will see the re-examining his roots and exploring his issues with his mother, who abandoned him on the surface as a child.

"It's in many ways a re-examination of who the character is, and to me it's kind of similar to Born Again or Batman: Year One," Lee said. "It's kind of a re-examination of what makes the character tick."

Lee explained that the story would involve Aquaman washing up on a mysterious island filled with forgotten sea gods with no memory of who he is. While trying to figure out who he is, Aquaman must also discover why he was exiled to the island. " It's an amazing, amazing story," Lee continued.

On Twitter, DeConnick compared Aquaman to a Led Zeppelin song. "Powerful, dangerous, sexy." she wrote in a screenshot from her pitch for the series.


Rocha's art credits include multiple stints on Green Lanterns, Supergirl, and Deathstroke. His work most recently appeared in the Teen Titans Special, which served to push the new series in a new direction under the leadership of Robin (Damien Wayne). Rocha also drew Aquaman #35 of the series earlier this year.

It's unclear whether DC will use Aquaman's current numbering or reboot the series with a new #1 issue. DC has also not announced when the new run on the series will be released.