Kevin Smith Celebrates Batman Day With 'Brave and the Bold' Quote

Today is Batman Day, the day honoring the iconic character, and fans of the hero around the world are celebrating -- including Kevin Smith.

The filmmaker, writer, and well-known Batman fan took to Twitter to mark the "holiday" with a powerful quote from Batman: The Brave and The Bold. You can check it out below.

"And until we meet again, boys and girls -- know that wherever evil lurks, in all its myriad forms, I'll be there with the Hammers of Justice to fight for decency and defend the innocent," Smith transcribed the quote.

For those unfamiliar, Batman: The Brave and the Bold was an animated series based, in part, on the DC Comics series The Brave and the Bold. The series ran for three seasons from 2008 to 2011 and the quote is the final lines of the series finale episode, "Mitefall!" in which Bat-Mite, who is tired of the show's repetitive formula, comes up with a plan to ruin the show so that it would be cancelled in favor of a darker series. While the episode -- and the quote -- is a big brighter than more recent adaptations of the Caped Crusader, it's an excellent choice to honor the character who first debuted in Detective Comics #27 back in 1939.

And the optimistic Batman quote might just be what fans need right now. There has been a lot of uncertainty when it comes to Batman, at least in the live-action film universe. There has been a lot of will he or won't he when it comes to actor Ben Affleck's return to the role in director Matt Reeves' upcoming Batman stand-alone film, but things took an interesting turn this week when Superman actor Henry Cavill's own tenure in the DC Extended Universe came into question. A report from The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday, indicated that Cavill and Warner Bros. had parted ways after negotiations for a Shazam! cameo fell through. Soon after, a report surfaced that with Cavill's presumed exit, Affleck was also leaving the DCEU. Neither report -- that Cavill is leaving the Superman role and that Affleck is officially done as Batman -- has been officially confirmed.


Of course, not all Batman-related reports this week have been about exits. It was also reported this week that Reeves has turned in his script for The Batman to Warner Bros. For fan, that is certainly some good news for Batman Day.

How are you celebrating Batman Day? Let us know your plans and thoughts in the comments below.