Did 'Krypton' Refer to Doomsday in Its Pilot?

Doomsday is coming to Krypton, and tonight's series premiere may have hinted at the threat of the DC Comics supervillain.

Spoiler's for the series premiere of Krypton below.

Tonight's episode established the series' titular world, but in addition to setting up the journey of Seg (Cameron Cuffe), the man who ultimately becomes Superman's grandfather, it also set up for some of the threats Krypton and its inhabitants will face in the series. While we've known for a while that Doomsday would be among them, tonight the show dropped its first hint.

In the episode, Lyta-Zod (Georgina Campbell) spars with her mother, Kryptonian general Jayna-Zod (Ann Ogbomo) as part of a training session for the Kryptonian army. Lyta is easily bested by Jayna, who pins her to the mat and tells her to ask for mercy. Lyta initially refuses, but ultimately gives in. Upon doing so, Jayna stabs Lyta in the hand as a lesson to the group. The lesson? That the enemies they face will show no mercy, and those enemies include "beasts of the outlands."

In comics, that is almost literally what Doomsday is. Created in 1992 by Dan Jurgens, Doomsday is a genetically engineered creature from the depths of Krypton centuries ago. Created by a character named Bertron, Doomsday was the product of Bertron's efforts to create the "perfect" life form, a creature that could endure Krypton's brutal landscape. To create this "perfect" life form, Bertron created a humanoid infant, released it onto the surface where it was promptly killed, and then collected the remains to make a clone that would be stronger. Bertron did this over and over for decades until the creature -- who bore genetic memory of every agonizing and horrifying death -- evolved to survive. The result then killed Bertron himself, as the creature had come to hate all life.

Sounds a little bit like a "beast of the outlands," and Krypton's Doomsday is set to be closer to comics version than anything seen on screen previously. DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns said during a presentation at the Television Critics Association earlier this year that Krypton's Doomsday would be "more true" to the comics.

"We get to do our own iteration of Doomsday, untethered to anything else, so we get to explore Doomsday in a way that hasn't been done and is kinda more true to the comics," Johns said.


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Krypton airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Syfy.