'Krypton' Season Finale Preview Released

SYFY has released the official teaser trailer for 'The Phantom Zone', next week's season finale of [...]

SYFY has released the official teaser trailer for "The Phantom Zone", next week's season finale of Krypton and from the looks of things, everything we know about Superman's story is about to change.

Tonight's episode, "Hope", delivered on what many fans had guessed from the beginning: Seg-El is the father of General Dru-Zod. That makes General Zod, Superman's greatest foe, the Man of Steel's uncle. The episode also, in its closing moments, revealed that the real Brainiac was there on Krypton meaning that time had run out to prevent that from happening.

As you can see in the promo, Brainiac's arrival is going to factor heavily in the finale as it appears that there won't be much that can stop Brainiac. However, as we saw tonight, Doomsday coming out to play is a real possiblity, with the beast's containment unit damaged and his keepers determined to unleash him despite Seg's pleas otherwise.

There's also the brief glimpse of Adam Strange in the promo, seeming to indicate that he's not dead as Seg and his friends assume.

Of course, fans can also expect that the big revelation may play a part in the finale as well. Not only did Seg discover that Zod his and Lyta's son, but he's feels betrayed by Lyta who has sided with Zod -- even over her own mother.

Between Brainiac's arrival, Lyta's betrayal, Zod's identity, and the potential for Doomsday to run amok, there's no doubt going to be a lot going on in the finale -- and whatever happens will change everything we knew about Superman. That might include erasing him from existence altogether. After all, tonight's episode did show what's left of the cape and it's disappearing. Fast.

Krypton airs on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/9 CT on SYFY.