Legends of Tomorrow Recap with Spoilers: Everyone Gets Possessed in "Nip/Stuck"

(Photo: The CW)

Is Ray a goner or is the team able to solve his demon problem? Here's what happened on tonight's episode of Legends of Tomorrow. As always, full spoilers up ahead!

We find out that Neron/Ray kidnapped Constantine and takes him back to the Ice Age, trying to force him to open up a portal to Hell so that a demon can come through — it's revealed if demons come to Earth through a portal, they have no need for a human vessel. The team manages to track the pair down, but Neron traps the Waverider under an avalanche.

While the team is trapped, Neron takes Constantine to the middle ages, where one of Constantine's ancestors is revealed to be a monster hunter, killing anything "different" regardless if they're harmful or not. 55 BC Constantine tries sending John to Hell in a portal Neron helped create, but it's not successful. The two battle but the Legends arrive, a bit too late. Constantine sends himself to Hell in hopes of saving Ray, allowing Tabitha — the fairy godmother from earlier in the season — to make her way through.

Gary returns to the Time Bureau, still under Neron's sway. One by one, we see that Gary has been able to use Neron's powers to sway other Time Bureau agents, eventually dethroning Ava from her seat at the head of the organization. Mona uncovers that Neron has given Gary special powers and "wolfs out" to stop him.

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • When buried by the avalanche, Nate and Zari try keeping their dragon egg alive by keeping it warm with the generator out. Before long, the two hookup.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Monday nights at 8/7 p.m. Central on The CW.



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