How Will 'Legends of Tomorrow's Vixen React to Kuasa's Revelation?

is Mari McCabe sister, a family tie that makes the so-called Water Witch Amaya's granddaughter. [...]

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Spoilers for tonight's episode of Legends of Tomorrow, "Helen Hunt", below!

Tonight's episode of Legends of Tomorrow saw the team trying to locate a time-displaced Helen of Troy (Bar Paly) in 1930s Hollywood and while the women of the Legends lead the charge and were able to collect Helen, the Face that Launched a Thousand Ships wasn't the only woman in the episode left a little out of sorts. Amaya (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) finally found out the truth about who Kuasa is.

As fans have known for a while now, Kuasa (Tracy Ifeachor) is Mari McCabe sister, a family tie that makes the so-called Water Witch Amaya's granddaughter. While Kuasa has known this for all her interactions with Amaya, tonight is the first time the Legends' Vixen has been clued in and, according to Richardson-Sellers, it's a reveal that puts Amaya in a complicated situation.

"I think it puts her in a really interesting situation because for her, it's always been very black and white, good and bad, and finally she's found that her own descendant is evil, quote unquote, so I think she has to change the way that she views a superhero, what it means, and maybe even step into the gray itself, so that she can understand Kuasa more," Richardson-Sellers said.

Richardson-Sellers went on to explain that because Kuasa is family, the approach is different, and it may help Amaya to evolve a bit in her notions of right and wrong.

"I think for her, blood is extremely strong, so that does change the way she approaches the situation, rather than if it was just a normal villain," Richardson-Sellers said. "I think that it could actually be really good for her because it also shakes her up and forces her to challenge her expectations of good and bad. So, we see that developing a lot, which is really fun with Tracy on that."

And as for the fight between Amaya and Kuasa on tonight's episode, Richardson-Sellers said the scene wasn't just two incredible women fighting each other. The scene had weight, too, because of the revelation.

"We have a bad ass two-woman fight scene that we have on the ship, where we get to fight against each other knowing that if she kills me, she kills herself, and if I kill her, I'm killing my granddaughter. So, it just adds another level to the fights that we have."

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