The 'Legends of Tomorrow' Fight a Unicorn in New Season 4 Teaser

We're a little less than a month out from Legends of Tomorrow's return, but the newest look at Season 4 puts quite a lot on display.

The "Misfits" teaser, which you can check out above, previews bits and pieces of the hit The CW series' newest season. There's quite a lot to process within that small bit of footage, from the team crossing paths with a magical unicorn during Woodstock, to some sort of antics involving Salem-era witches, to a Fairy Godmother visiting the team in some sort of wooded area.

"In typical Legends fashion, having saved the world and solving one big problem, they have actually launched a whole other set of problems — and this one being magical fugitives, as we're calling them." showrunner Keto Shimizu told earlier this year. "Creatures from myth, legend, fairy tales have now been spat out all over the timeline. The timeline has now been infected, essentially, with these magical creatures and it's now the Legends' job to clean up their mess."

"It's a combo [of original and established creatures]." Shimizu continued. "There will be some that will be very, vary familiar, but of course with a Legends spin, so not quite the creature you're familiar with but our version of that creature. And then we will do some deep dives into some more obscure creatures, and of course in order to battle this new type of threat, which none of us are magical ourselves, none of us know how to battle these things, we enlist the help of a certain warlock to come join us and help us in that crusade."

The teaser also hints that the team is "changing" in Season 4, with quite an ensemble of characters playing some sort of role in things. John Constantine (Matt Ryan), Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan), and Nora Darhk (Courtney Ford) have all been promoted to series regulars for the new season, something that will manifest in some very specific ways.

"What's great about John in this situation is it's a bunch of characters where we don't know how they'd interact." Ryan told during this summer's San Diego Comic-Con. "So that's being discovered and created. So that's a new, kind of wonderful, angle and dynamic for me as an actor playing John. Kind of discovering those things in the moment."

"Wherever John goes, there's conflict." Ryan continued. "He brings his bag of tricks, but he also brings his emotional baggage with him. And he's someone who, as we know, will sacrifice his best friend for the greater good. So he has his own motives and his own goals. So to bring him into this world, it's like 'What happens?' And that's the most interesting thing about doing this character in this context."


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The season four premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, which is titled "The Virgin Gary", will debut on Monday, October 22nd, at 9/8c on The CW.