'Legends of Tomorrow': "Hell No, Dolly!" Preview Released

The CW has released a new preview for 'Hell No, Dolly!', the seventh episode of Legends of [...]

The CW has released a new preview for "Hell No, Dolly!", the seventh episode of Legends of Tomorrow's fourth season.

The episode will see the Legends hunting for a possessed doll in old-timey New Orleans, something that will surely put a new twist on the world of magical fugitives -- as well as the team itself.

"We were really interested in seeing how human beings without super powers react to this onslaught of magical beings," showrunner Phil Klemmer revealed in a previous interview. "So we wanted to find everyday evil and institutional evil, looking at people who are good and take a turn for the sinister. The magical creatures are so crazy and over the top that we wanted to make our big bad a little more human-scaled. I'm talking a little bit around the punchline here – we've seen doppelgangers, but we've never had the Legends fracture as a group. We wanted to challenge those kinds of bonds this season."

The episode also hints at John Constantine (Matt Ryan) diving deep into his "tragic past", something that could have interesting ties to Ryan's previous gig as the character.

"I had not really realized the fervor of [Constantine's] fandom," Klemmer told ComicBook.com earlier this year. "I sort of accidentally discovered it. Honestly, we put him on the show just because we wanted him on the show. There's no cynical calculation of trying to accumulate somebody else's fans. I think we have fun with our characters. Having Tala Ashe on the show...she's cool. If I just needed an adjective to describe her, she is a cool lady. I feel the same way about Constantine and Matt. We wanted just a counterpoint to our Legends....Personally, I can't imagine Constantine having quarters on the Waverider. I want to keep him Constantine. I don't want to ever have a scene of him having to do his laundry because to me, guys like Constantine, they always have clean clothes. Who knows where they come from? I don't want to see that scene."

You can check out the synopsis for "Hell No, Dolly!" below!

"RIPPLE EFFECT — With Rory (Dominic Purcell) and Ava (Jes Macallan) at odds, Sara (Caity Lotz) tries to come up with a way for them to get along, but all is put on hold when a new magical creature attacks the Legends. Constantine (Matt Ryan) is forced to confront his tragic past but it could have devastating consequences for the rest of the team.

Meanwhile, Mona (Ramona Young) has a crush on someone she works with and gets some advice from Nate (Nick Zano).

Brandon Routh, Tala Ashe, Maisie Richardson- Sellers also star.

April Mullen directed the episode written by Grainne Godfree & Morgan Faust wrote the episode."

Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW. "Hell No, Dolly!" will air on December 3rd.