Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Finale Recap with Spoilers: All Hell Breaks Loose in "Hey, World!"

(Photo: The CW)

And at long last, this season's Arrowverse slate wrapped up with tonight's Legends of Tomorrow. Full spoilers ahead for "Hey, World!" the fourth season finale of Legends of Tomorrow!

Neron and Tabitha managed to get a congressional hearing to get anti-monster laws passed and they force Charlie to assume the identity of a congressman. Eventually, she goes against their wishes during the hearing and flips the table trying to deny the passage of any such legislation, something that leads to an all-out brawl when Tabitha changes Charlie from the senator to an octopus. Shortly thereafter, Neron broadcasts a message through all of Hell telling them that he plans to bring the entire underworld to the Earth's surface by using fear — through the exploitation of monsters — to open up the gates of hell.

Finding this out, the Legends decide to use Heyworld as a place where they can put the monsters and make it a fun, loving environment at all that way, the general public won't be afraid of the monsters. During an opening event, Tabitha attacks the amusement park with Zari's grown dragon, giving Neron the fear he needs to open the gates of Hell.

In a final fight, Constantine and Neron battle with the former apparently being choked to death. It's then revealed that Nate had told Constantine to switch faces so that Neron is distracted. Using a sneak attack, the real Constantine is then able to kill Neron and close the gates to Hell. With Neron gone, Ray's able to turn to his body. Nate remains dead, but is eventually resurrected when the Legends, monsters, and entirety of Heyworld gathers around to sing his dad's favorite song.

Towards the end, Zari arrives to help bring Nate back to life, in turn changing time. After her and Nate hug, she changes into her brother, something disrupts the timeline.


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Legends of Tomorrow will return with a fifth season next Fall.