'Legends of Tomorrow' Star Adam Tsekhman on What's Next for Gary

DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 has finally arrived, and with it, a whole lot of Gary. The fan-favorite sidekick got plenty of screen time in Monday night's episode, aptly titled "The Virgin Gary," which put him at the center of a twisted mystery.

To break down what's next for the lovable Gary, particularly what's next for him and potential love interest Constantine, ComicBook.com took some time to chat with the man behind the character, Adam Tsekhman.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the Season 4 premiere of Legends of Tomorrow! Continue reading at your own risk...

It was pretty clear in this premiere that Gary had some feelings for Constantine, and the duo even made some references to some potential experiences they shared in the past. Does this mean that Gary and Constantine could actually become an item as the new season progresses?

According to Tsekhman, the path between them is still quite unclear.

"I don't know where it's going to go between the two of them," Tsekhman told us. "Clearly, we see at the end of the first episode that they didn't have sex, sadly for Gary. And you know, actually sadly for Constantine too. Let's be honest. But you know, I think Gary's still hopeful that something will happen hopefully? Maybe? Probably not? Who knows?"

The attraction to Constantine is definitely there for Gary. As Tsekhman puts it, Gary is "in love with love," regardless of what gender or form that may come in, and he's drawn to a confident person like Constantine.

"Gary is in love with love. He wants the- he's someone who's had a tough time in high school and in university with the opposite and/or same sex. And when he finds someone alluring, he sort of latches on but I think typically people don't like to be latched onto so it's hard for him. But I think he's- there's a lot of like loving, positive energy coming from Gary so it goes to whoever sort of responds to it.

"Even on Legends, he gets a lot of flack from the legends themselves. But Ava defends him. And Ava sort of has his back. And he's not blind. He sees how smart, beautiful, capable, badass she is. It's a little bit of like, he's partially in love with Ava but also partially, she's like his sister."

As for what's next in Gary's journey throughout Season 4? He's got some adventures ahead, but it sounds as though he's going to remain a little bitter about the loss of his nipple.


​"Clearly the nipple is a very upsetting thing to Gary," Tsekhman said. "So I don't know, he'll probably spend the whole season trying to get over the nipple. And/or maybe, I don't know, hopefully trying to get the nipple. That'd be nice. Although I would assume that the nipple has been chewed and digested and spit it out in hell. Maybe it's sitting on some rock somewhere waiting to be rescued. And yeah, I think Gary continues to try to help the Legends in whichever way he can, which is usually using his only superhero power which is his supreme intelligence, obviously. And continuing his quest for love."

New episodes of Legends of Tomorrow air on Monday nights at 9 pm ET on The CW.