'Legends Of Tomorrow' Teases Possible Character Death

The Legends will have to rescue one of their own this week, but not in the way you might [...]

The Legends will have to rescue one of their own this week, but not in the way you might expect.

You might surmise that the team has to save their teammate from a supervillain or league of lethal ninjas, but that is not the case. In the Phone Home episode, the Legends will have to save a young Ray Palmer (The Atom) from his adopted pet, which will grow up to be something incredibly deadly.

In the newly released preview, Legends executive producer Phil Klemmer introduces fans to the child who eventually becomes a genius superhero. "This is our chance to go back and to meet Ray Palmer when he was an 8-year-old kid and to sort of understand what made the man we know as The Atom," Klemmer said.

So why is Ray in danger? Well, that is directly due to the timeline being broken, which can, of course, be traced back to the Legends. Because of their meddling, Ray has a new pet, and it will literally be the death of him.

"He finds an anachronism, and that anachronism to him looks like an adorable little E.T," Klemmer said. "What we'll realize is that little E.T. is destined to grow up to be a Dominator. "

Dominators are those nasty aliens who tried to take over the earth not too long ago, and having one in your house is, well, a really bad idea.

You can view the new preview in the video above.

While Ray could survive, Klemmer previously revealed that there will be deaths in Legends season 3.

"All the Legends are not going to be fine," Klemmer told ComicBook.com. "I think that's something that we said very early on; when we were talking about a show that we hadn't even made at Comic Con three years ago, we said this show was an ensemble, and it was one where we would have a rotating cast, and that when people died, they would die in real life. It's been a long time since Hawkman got stabbed or whatever. It's been a long time since Hawkgirl flew away. Our show really got to be super-funny last year, but I feel like you have to leaven that comedy with some hardcore pathos and some real-world stakes."

Fans can find out Ray's fate when Phone Home airs tonight on The CW.

Legends of TomorrowSunday at 9 PM ET on The CW

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