Legends of Tomorrow's Season Two Big Bad Is Bigger Than You Can Imagine

(Photo: Warner Bros. Television/DC Entertainment)

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, DC's Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim dismissed the notion that fans could guess next year's big bad based on the last couple of Season One episodes.

In what he's characterizing as a fairly hard reset, there will be cast members coming and going, and it sounds as though the threat faced by the team -- excuse us, teams, as the Legends are joined by the Justice Society of America -- is not tied to the events of Season One.

"The season two big bad is actually not going to be the Thanagarians," Guggenheim said, referring to the alien race referenced in the final two episodes of the season. "It's going to be something else entirely. All I'll really say about the nemesis in season two is Vandal Savage looks like a walk in the park compared to what the Legends will be facing. This will be a much, much bigger threat. I'm going to leave it at that because when we do reveal it, it's going to be pretty big. People will be asking, 'Vandal who?' once they get the full picture of what our team is up against. It's going to be way bigger than what you can even imagine, I can guarantee it."

"With his final words in the finale, he planted a pretty deep flag about where we're headed in season two, which is not just introducing Hourman but introducing his teammates in the Justice Society of America," Guggenheim said of Suits star Patrick J. Adams, who plays Hourman on the series. "For comic book fans, everyone knows the Justice Society is really the precursor to the Justice League, so it's a pretty big move in our DC universe here on TV."

DC's Legends of Tomorrow will return to Thursday nights on The CW in the fall.