Legion of Super-Heroes: Brian Michael Bendis Teases Work on New Animated Series

Comic book creator Brian Michael Bendis is hard at work writing the script for a Legion of Super-Heroes animated series. Bendis is very familiar with the Legion of Super-Heroes, having penned an ongoing series at DC a few years ago. The superhero team will be the focus of an adult-themed animated series on HBO Max, where the Warner Bros. Discovery streaming service can allow the creators to address adult topics and themes. The only details of the Legion of Super-Heroes show have come from Bendis' Substack newsletter, but now he's also shared a look at the script on his Instagram account.

"LONG LIVE THE LEGION! #fingerscrossed #legionofsuperheroes #longlivethelegion #hbomax" Bendis wrote on Instagram. He also shared five images, with the first featuring the first page of the Legion of Super-Heroes' pilot script. The adult-animated series is based on the DC comics created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino. One of the more interesting items is that Bendis is on the third draft of the script, with Draft #2 written on April 22nd, and Draft #3 on July 5th.

The other images come from Bendis' Legion of Super-Heroes run, with art by Ryan Sook and Alex Garner. A Legion of Super Heroes animated series aired two seasons back in 2006, following the adventures of a young Superman in the 31st century. The DC comic by Bendis and Sook flipped the script by placing Superman's son, Jon Kent, as a member of the team in the future, thanks to some time travel. Since the HBO Max series is an adaptation of that very same comic, then we can assume Jon Kent Superboy will be one of the main stars. Members of the Legion have also appeared on the live-action CW series Supergirl, and in this season's Young Justice: Phantoms.

"I used the phrase 'adult animation' to describe this show. Some of you definitely have different interpretations of what adult animation means :)," Bendis joked when addressing the many questions on what adult themes the show would tackle. "Some incorrectly labeled this as potential hard-core pornography. NO. This is a Warner Bros. animation production. Adult means adult THEMES. Obviously, there are hundreds of examples of mature themed animated projects from all over the world."

He added: "In the superhero spaces, there are different levels of sophistication meant for different audiences. There are even previous animated Legion shows that skewed young and some people hearing this announcement immediately referenced that. I was just letting you know that this is potentially something else."


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