LEGO Batman Sequel Probably Won't Happen, Would Have Included Justice League

Bringing in over $300 million worldwide and described by many DC fans as the best Batman movie, it [...]

Bringing in over $300 million worldwide and described by many DC fans as the best Batman movie, it might surprise you to learn that The LEGO Batman Movie isn't getting a sequel. Speaking in an interview with Collider, director Chris McKay confirmed the news saying: "Because LEGO has left Warner Brothers and is now over at Universal, there probably won't be a LEGO Batman sequel, unfortunately. I am so sorry to say that but I don't think they'll be making a LEGO Batman 2." That's the bad news, the good news is that it was a very ambitious idea for the sequel which was written by Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon and Loki head writer Michael Waldron.

"Dan (Harmon) and (Michael) Waldron had done a first draft of the script that was really great," McKay added. "It was truly epic... both from an action standpoint and from a story standpoint. The structure was Godfather Part 2... a story about Batman's relationship to the Justice League (and Superman) now as well as the formative moments of the Justice League (and Batman's relationship with Superman) then."

Now for more bad news, McKay says that Warner Bros. was not wholly receptive to the idea of a sequel to The LEGO Batman Movie taking the character more seriously, in addition to simply filling it with EVEN MORE DC characters and lore.

"The studio was leery of LEGO Batman being an actual Batman movie so I was constantly told to hold back," he added. "Audiences (and subsequent movies like Into the Spider-Verse) proved them wrong. I would have quadrupled down on making it as much of a real Justice League movie (with lots of jokes, cameos, intersecting storylines, references, etc... it would have been a VERY dense movie) as humanly possible."

As fans might recall the original The LEGO Batman Movie did include fellow Justice League characters like Superman (Channing Tatum), Green Lantern (Jonah Hill), and The Flash (Adam DeVine). The film went deep with Batman villains too, though they all mostly appeared very briefly, including Calculator, Condiment King, Crazy Quilt, Kite Man, Magpie, Polka-Dot Man, and Zebra-Man.

Like we said earlier, Universal Pictures nabbed the rights to the LEGO property back in 2019. At the time it was reported that the deal between the parties would make "much broader use" of the LEGO brand than the movies made by WB, with Universal reportedly considering reimaginings of its extensive library via the popular toys.