'Lucifer' Bonus Episode To Feature Maze's Comics-Accurate Mask

Tonight, one of Lucifer's 'bonus episodes' will feature an iconic image from the show's comic book [...]

Tonight, one of Lucifer's "bonus episodes" will feature an iconic image from the show's comic book source material for the first time -- but not necessarily the last, if they manage to bring the series back.

Mazikeen/Maze's half-mask covers a demonic and hideous deformity on her face in the comics. The TV series simply has her appear normal to mortals, losing the mask altogether...but that changes in "Once Upon a Time," an Elseworlds-style episode that deals with a world in which Lucifer and Chloe never met.

"One of the things we want to explore is, we brought in, we brought in Maze's half mask from the comics," executive producer Joe Henderson told ComicBook.com. "And we really tried to explore that in a very different way so that if we're lucky enough to come back, if you see that mask again, you're gonna understand a meaning behind it, and to a certain extent a danger to it."

Henderson and the show's cast and crew are holding out hope that a strong performance by tonight's "bonus episodes," which were originally going to air during a planned fourth season, might help revive the cancelled series.

Henderson assured ComicBook.com that producers are still in talks, trying to find the show another home -- he can't say where, for logistical reasons -- and that while Memorial Day ratings are an uphill battle, a respectable number would be a big help to keeping the show alive.

"Memorial Day night is definitely not gonna bring gangbuster numbers, we know that," Henderson said. "But if it brings surprisingly stubborn numbers, even that speaks to the value of the show. And honestly, the #SaveLucifer campaign. One million Tweets in 24 hours -- that is bananas. The number of people who have e-mailed me and noticed, who I didn't even know were on Twitter or weren't on Twitter and just heard about it, is mind-blowing. I have never seen anything...I genuinely didn't expect it. And not in the, 'I didn't know people like our show that much.' I do. I just guess it's a little bit of humility mixed with a little bit of not realizing just how many people we'd touched. And it's been incredible."

Lucifer will air two hours of bonus episodes tonight on FOX at 8 p.m. ET/PT.