Lucifer Final Season Episode 3 Title Hints At A New Name Or A Trip

The Lucifer writers have released a screenplay cover to Twitter, revealing to the audience that the third episode of the series' fifth and final season will be titled "¡Diablo!" While the tweet, which you can see below, teased that Lucifer might embrace a new name, or maybe take a trip south of the border (not entirely out of the question given that Los Angeles isn't too far from the border (a little under two and a half hours would get you to Tijuana, depending on traffic), there is another likelihood picked up on by fans in the comments that these choices omits.

A lot of fans are wondering whether the title means that one of the show's Spanish-speaking characters -- either Dan Espinoza or Ella Lopez -- will discover Lucifer's secret in the episode, changing the dynamic of the core cast for the rest of the series. While Dan's discovery might actually set off a more exciting chain of events, most fans are likely hoping for Ella to learn the secret, since her reaction would be interesting and since she is so well-liked that fans have hoped for a while that she might eventually be let in on it.

Ella is a forensics officer who works with Chloe and Lucifer closing cases, while Dan is Chloe's ex-husband and a detective at her precinct. The revelation that she knows this information and has been withholding it from either of them could be potentially problematic in terms of their work lives -- if anybody would ever believe it.

Lucifer, which is based on the Vertigo Comics series of the same name, follows the titular fallen angel (Tom Ellis) as he abandons Hell to live amongst humans on Earth. He proceeds to run a nightclub in Los Angeles, while also becoming a consultant for the LAPD. The show initially ran on FOX for three seasons, before being canceled to quite a lot of backlash. After months of fans campaigning to "save" the series, Netflix picked it up, and debuted its fourth season this spring. Shortly afterwards, the series was renewed for a fifth and final season on the streaming service, which was expanded from 10 to 16 episodes not long after that.

While Lucifer will likely be finished sometime in 2020, Netflix recently bought the option to The Sandman, the comic book series that originally spawned this particular take on Lucifer Morningstar, and will be developing it as a series with original writer Neil Gaiman on as an executive producer. It is unknown (although probably unlikely) whether The Sandman will have direct ties to this version of Lucifer.