Lucifer Showrunners Tease Return of Fan-Favorite Characters in Season 6

Netflix's Lucifer will return for its sixth and final season in September, and when it does fans can expect to see some familiar, fan-favorite faces as well as a new character that series showrunners say they've talked about before but never have actually seen on the show. During the show's Comic-Con@Home panel this weekend, the showrunners and cast opened up about the upcoming final season noting that the recently-released teaser trailer saw the return of Matt Corby as Officer Diggs, the police officer that pulled Lucifer over at the series' beginning and that more favorites were on the way.

"We actually have another familiar face that showed up at one point from a favorite episode," co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich said. "A favorite guest star."

Co-showrunner Joe Henderson added that they also brought in a character that they'd talked about, but never previously seen on the show. It's unclear who that character is, though many fans have speculated that we may finally see Adam appear (Eve, played by Inbar Lavi, has already had an important role during the series run).

"We found one character we'd never seen, we found one character who we've talked about but have never seen," Henderson said.

The sixth season of Lucifer will see some major changes for Tom Ellis' titular devil. The end of Season 5 saw the character become God, a huge status quo change for the entire series and one that, along with the production shifts due to COVID-19, lends to a more intimate Season 6, a season that just so happens to include the most expensive episode the series has ever made.

"Season 6, partly because of COVID, became a much more intimate season," Modrovich said. "But also because we knew we had done this kind of splashy Season 5B, with a lot of spectacle, we didn't want to try to top ourselves and just be empty action. So, we found the more intimate story for all of our characters, and a much more emotional one. We didn't have to scrape to find stories for anybody. We just kind of dug to a deeper level with everybody."

"Yeah. And though it is by far probably the most intimate season we've done, it also has the most expensive episode we've ever made," Henderson explained to Collider. "So, we've still got plenty of spectacle."


Lucifer Season 6 will debut on Netflix on Friday, September 10th.