Lucifer Series Finale Explained

After six seasons, Lucifer comes to an end. The series' final ten episodes are now streaming on Netflix, finally answering the question of what happens next after the devil himself Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) won the throne of Heaven at the end of Season 5. While becoming God seems like the culmination of everything Lucifer has wanted for some time, it's a big transition not only for him but for everyone he cares about as well. Here's how it all works out.

Warning: spoilers for Season 6 of Lucifer below.

Right out of the gate in Season 6 we learn that Lucifer isn't so certain about becoming God and his impending career change if you will, has impacts on everyone around him who are themselves dealing with change. Chloe (Lauren German) has given up her job with the LAPD but is feeling insecure about being able to protect herself on Earth while Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) has become a police officer himself. Dan (Kevin Alejandro) is in Hell, Ella (Aimee Garcia) is starting to sense something is off with the universe, and Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) is planning a wedding with Eve (Inbar Lavi).

Lucifer keeps pushing off his heavenly coronation, finding further reasons to stay on Earth because he's unsure it's his calling when an angel previously unknown to him, Rory, (Brianna Hildebrand) shows up wanting him dead. It turns out that she's actually his and Chloe's daughter from the future who has unexpectedly come back in time, angry that he abandoned them before she was born. Figuring out why Lucifer abandoned Rory and Chloe becomes the central mystery and they have just a few days to solve it. As Lucifer and Chloe try to avoid Lucifer's disappearance, the universe starts to come apart in essentially the early stages of the apocalypse. Without God to sort of manage things, the other angels have just been trying to handle it on their own, but not exactly well.

As the universe starts to fall apart, Amenadiel realizes that he should take over the role of God. Lucifer manages to successfully avoid his disappearance date, but Vincent Le Mec (Rob Benedict) kidnaps Rory and uses her as bait to lure Lucifer to him. Le Mec wants to make Lucifer suffer as Lucifer has made him suffer since Dan's murder. Lucifer explains that the suffering Le Mec feels is his own guilt. While Rory manages to get free and Lucifer is unharmed Le Mec, who had previously had his body inhabited by Dan's ghost before Dan ascended to Heaven, is killed - and he tells Lucifer he wants to see the light of Heaven like Dan but is consumed by darkness instead.

It's after that that Lucifer realizes his purpose is to help the souls in Hell find their peace so they, too, can go to Heaven. This is the reason he ends up leaving a newly-pregnant Chloe and misses out on Rory's life. Rory insists that he has to fulfill his purpose before she is returned to her own time. Amenadiel becomes God. Lucifer spends a few final moments with Chloe before going back to Hell for good, alone. After a montage of life experiences, the series cuts to the future with an elderly Chloe on her deathbed. She says her goodbyes to Rory before passing on. In the afterlife, Amenadiel asks her if she's ready to go home and she says she is.

Home ends up being Hell. Lucifer has set up shop as a therapist to the souls in Hell and is working with some familiar faces from the seasons - including Le Mec - when Chloe arrives at the door and tells and astonished, but thrilled, Lucifer that she thought he could use a partner. Deckerstar together, for eternity, at last.

The sixth and final season of Lucifer is now streaming on Netflix.