Major Issues: First Appearance of Deadman

Hundreds of comic book characters are being portrayed in film and television, and with each new day more are being announced.

Major Issues -- a original video series -- will speak to true comic book hobbyists as well as new fans in a short, fast-paced digital series featuring the first appearances of characters we all love. Each episode will feature the actual comic book, info on the creators, and the backstory on the creation and legacy of the character.

The next in our series is our look at the introduction of one the most interesting DC Comic characters, Deadman.

The origin of this supernatural hero, from Circus aerialist Boston Brand was killed in the middle of his act, but granted leave to return to Earth by a being called Rama Kushna. Brand was invisible to human eyes but could take over the body of another for a short time, leaving his 'host' with no memory of what has happened. In this way, he has been able to fight against mystical threats as well as to force wrongdoers to incriminate themselves and also to have a lot more fun than he ever did while he was alive.

Originally published as Strange Adventures No. 205 in 1977, he was edited by Jack Miller and created by Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantino


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