Michael Shannon Voices Support For Batman V Superman's Zack Snyder

Michael Shannon MOS

While doing press for his latest film, the Jeff Nichols-directed Midnight Special, actor Michael Shannon addressed his former director Zack Snyder from 2013's Man Of Steel.

Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has received its fair share of negative feedback, but Shannon reflected fondly upon his past interactions with the director.

"I have a ton of respect for Zack Snyder. I loved working with him on Man of Steel. I think his films have their own unique style and he’s very authentically drawn to that. It’s not like he makes these movies but secretly wishes he was doing something else," the actor continued. "It's what he wants to do. It’s valid."

Snyder's stylistic approach to filmmaking is one of his biggest calling cards, one that I personally feel he should not abandon. It's what makes him unique. Shannon didn't just enjoy the experience due to the flashy visuals, though.

"When we were making Man of Steel, I really appreciated the story: it’s about a civilization that destroys their own planet. I’m like 'well, that’s relevant.' So what, the planet’s called krypton? It’s still relevant."

You know, I never really looked at it like that. Turns out Krypton is extremely topical and good for more than just green rocks.

via Independent.co.uk

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