The New DC Studios Slate Is Only Half of Chapter 1

DC Studios and Warner Bros. DIscovery have revealed the first movie and TV shows in the DC Universe franchise slate – but apparently, it is only the first half of the story. During the press interviews for the DC Universe slate announcement, DC Studios co-heads James Gunn and Peter Safran made it clear that what they revealed today (at the time of writing this) was only part of DCU Chapter 1: 

The topic started with Gunn confirming that "Yean," there will be definite reasons for where each "Chapter" of the DCU starts and stops. 

Peter Safran followed that up by making sure it was noted that this DCU Chapter 1 slate wasn't complete yet: "Yeah. We haven't announced everything in chapter one. There's some stuff that comes beyond this."

Gunn confirmed as much, also noting that "This is half of it."

Why Only Half of the DCU Chapter 1 Slate Was Revealed


James Gunn and Peter Safran wouldn't elborate too much about why they only revealed half the DCU Chapter 1 slate – Safran would only offer that the reason they wouldn't talk about it, was becasue saying anything more than half would be giving away too much: "It's too early to talk about that, but it becomes very clear what the story reason is."

Gunn seconded that, letting the matter end there.

By now, most franchise universe fans know what Gunn and Safran are hinting at. It's not hard to speculate that some of the films and shows that are coming in the backhalf of DCU Chapter 1 could have titles that indicate the outcome of some of these titles in the first half. That is certainly true of the culminating "event" that will ultimately close out the chapter storyline – so not getting that reveal for even a few years would be understandable. 

DC Studios also went into this presentation with confidence and enthusiasm at the forefront – which could mean only announcing the projects that are fully stamped, greenlit, and locked in, before getting to anything that could still get revised or scrapped in the conceptual stages. 

What Is DC Universe Chapter 1: Gods & Monsters?


Gunn and Safran have shared 10 titles in DCU Chapter 1 (Part 1). 

Superman: Legacy is dated for July 11, 2025, serving as the true start to this new DC Universe, though the animated Creature Commandos series and Waller could precede it. Release dates or windows for the other titles were not revealed – although DC Studios is expecting to release two movies and two shows per year, not including Elseworlds titles such as Todd Phillip's Joker movies or the Matt Reeves-masterminded The Batman film franchises.

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