New Justice League Action Clips Showcase Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy For The First Time

Three clips from Justice League Action, the upcoming new DC Comics-based animated series, have debuted online, and with them our first time hearing classic voices back in the animated superhero and villain costumes.

In the first clip, the Justice League has a forced dance party at the hands of Toy Man, who is controlling their actions to play them like a video game. Kevin Conroy returns to Batman twenty-five years after debuting in the role in Batman: The Animated Series. If Cyborg sounds familiar, too, that's because it's Khary Payton, who has voiced that role for years, including currently on Teen Titans GO! Payton also currently stars as Ezekiel on The Walking Dead, if you'd like to see his non-animated self.

The second clip, showing the Joker massively outclassed in a face off with the alien warrior Mongul, shows that Mark Hamill hasn't lost his iconic take on the Clown Prince of Crime. A slightly lighter-hearted intonation to the voice can be heard compared to his work on B:TAS, the Arkham series of games and the very dark and R-Rated Batman: The Killing Joke earlier this year, naturally.

Finally, Batman and Blue Beetle take on Chronos in some strange time manipulation, giving us another few takes with Conroy in the cowl.

As noted, Hamill and Conroy have been voicing these roles for a quarter of a century now, and have taken on just about every possible style for the characters, from menacing to goofy, from mature-rated video games to all-ages animated series. Interestingly, though, Conroy doesn't feel like he approaches Batman very differently from job to job.


"The audience is so familiar with Batman, they're so devoted to him. Batman fans are so passionate," Conroy told of taking on Batman in disparate projects like JL Action and Killing Joke. "ou have to be consistent; you have to be true to the character no matter what situation he's in. In The Killing Joke, it's such a dark, frightening place that he goes to, but it's the same character. In Justice League Action, it's that character, that same brooding, dark character, but in a more ridiculous situation. There's still a lot of action and adventures, but a little bit more of a ridiculous side to it. It opens itself up to a little bit of comedy, which I love playing and the audience at the screening really reacted well to. You approach the character the same way; the situation he's in is different."

Justice League Action debuts on Cartoon Network later this year.