New Krypton Behind-the-Scenes Video Focuses on Doomsday

(Photo: Warner Bros. TV/SYFY)

A new behind-the-scenes video from SYFY focuses on Krypton's take on Doomsday. So far, with Seg-El trapped in the Phantom Zone at the end of Season One and Adam Strange Zeta Beamed away to a version of Earth that fell under Zod's rule before being swallowed up into Brainiac's empire, the advertising has understandably focused on the villains. Doomsday, Lobo, Brainiac, and General Zod are all here to make life on Krypton harder in the new season, and the beast that killed Superman is getting its most comics-accurate depiction onscreen yet. You can check the video out below, and a brand new piece of art giving an extreme close-up of his face above.

While the finale left a lot of big questions up in the air, and most fans assume that ultimately the
"good guys" will win and the timeline will be restored, Krypton being disconnected from any particular shared universe means that, like Gotham before it, they could make some pretty serious tweaks to the mythology along the way and get away with it because, as showrunner Cameron Welsh has said in the past, the show takes place in its own world within DC's multiverse. During the show's first season, Doomsday was revealed to be a generations-old biological weapon that had been hidden beneath Kandor and deemed too dangerous to use. Of course, General Zod begs to differ.

Besides the behind-the-scenes video, there is another video (also seen below) that centers on Doomsday in-story, and functions as a TV spot or teaser trailer. The caption for that one? "Don't try to reason with Doomsday. He's not much of a talker." That is a defining trait of the villain, who originally pounded his way up into Ohio from miles under the Earth and battered his way through the Justice League, all with one arm bound behind his back.

"I think there was every argument to be made -- and this is my argument -- that if he had intelligence, he would be regressing," Doomsday creator Dan Jurgens told in a recent interview. "He has one purpose, which is to survive against all else. If you are a force of nature -- you are the wind, you are a hurricane, you are a tornado, whatever, you are an earthquake -- your chances for survival are better than if you all of a sudden have to reason, and think things out, and go through the process of, 'Should I do this or not?' Because then you start to theoretically introduce the concept of choice, and perhaps backed up by some sense of morality. At that point, does Doomsday become a lesser, weaker creature?"

What if Superman never existed? Set two generations before the destruction of Superman’s home planet, KRYPTON follows Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), the legendary Man of Steel’s grandfather, as a young man who fights to save his home planet from destruction. Season 2 brings us back to a changed Kandor, locked in a battle over its freedom and its future. General Dru-Zod (Colin Salmon) is now in control. He’s on a ruthless mission to rebuild Krypton according to his ideals and to secure its future by conquering the universe. Faced with a bleak outlook, our hero, Seg-El, attempts to unite a dispersed group of resisters in an effort to defeat Zod and restore hope to their beloved planet. Their chance at redemption is threatened however, by their opposing tactics, shifting alliances and conflicting moral boundaries – forcing each of them to individually determine how far they’re willing to go in pursuit of a better tomorrow.

Krypton returns on June 12.



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