NYCC 2017 Panel Recap: DC Universe Original Movies 10th Anniversary Collection

The DC Universe 10th Anniversary panel kicks off by introducing the cast and producers of the animated films to the stage. Vanessa Marshall, John DiMaggio, Tara Strong, Jason O'Mara, Kevin Conroy, Jim Krieg, Alan Burnett, James Tucker, and Bruce Timm are introduced to massive applause on the Javits Center's main stage.

The cast start with some trivia. Bruce Timm has been involved with the most films of anyone on stage. Superman has been in 16 films, voiced by 12 different actors.

"Gregory Novak... first pitched the idea to Paul Levitz and Paul Levitz talked to our boss at the time," Timm says. "They said, 'Yeah, we should do a line of direct-to-video movies that are more closely adapted to the comics and pitch them to a more adult audience', meaning PG-13... and here we are 30 years later."

"James loves pushing the rating much more than I do," Timm says.

"It's a hard upbringing. I'm working my issues out through my movies," Tucker says. "I've had several R-movies that had to get re-cut to PG-13."

"I'm going for NC-17 right now," Tucker says. "Full throttle!"

The crowd is asked if they like R-rated animation better than PG-13, and the crowd votes for R, prompting Conroy to get out of his chair and undress while dancing.

Burnett was very happy about the R ratings. "Many more should happen in the future," he says.

"A lot of the writers would write what we want," Krieg says. They would assume their inappropriate content would get cut out. "Now, they just don't cut it out. They just let it stay in there. Maybe that's better."

Conroy chimes in. "You were always talking to the audience as if they were intelligent," he says. "The reason they stood so long... is because they were done with so much integrity. They weren't talking down to the audiences. You took chances, and it worked."

"I think the version of Wonder Woman that I got to play in Flashpoint Paradox was quite different," Marshall says. "I don't know that you would've had that in an animated series that was not rated R."

"I had a super cool experience because I just moved to Los Angeles, and I grew up collecting Batgirl stuff... and that Batgirl was Tara as a young girl in Hollywood, and then when we got to do The Killing Joke, I mean, she was not a little girl in The Killing Joke! I just love that movie so much. People were pissed off that we made out, but I thought it was fantastic."

Someone asks the Batman actors how they found their voices. "I think it evolved for me," O'Mara says, calling the role tricky because of how many times it has been played. "You have to let the character in, and just trust that you, by the fact that you're a unique human being, can bring your own unique emotions and vocals to it."

"It's not making funny voices," Conroy says. "You're creating an entire character. You're trying to inhabit an entire character."

"Everything [Batman] has been through was such a crucible. It changed him so dramatically that that's who he became. He's not putting on a cape and a cowl... That's who he is. He's putting on the business suit. That's the disguise."

"He's damaged," Conroy continues. "His should is just damaged and I think that's why so many of you relate to the character so much."

"We all have baggage and that's why people relate to the character so much."

Clips of moments from the 30 films take the screen. The first clip is centered around Batman.

Jim Krieg shows off the inside of the DC Universe books which will sleeve each of the discs in pages covered in unique art work. Also featured are featurettes for Justice League Dark, a Mark Hamill "finding the laugh" featurette, a tribute to Darwin Cooke, DC showcase short films, collectible coins, and more.

Vanessa Marshall reveals Killing Joke is her favorite of the animated films. Strong agrees and emphasizes the parts of the comic being brought to life. O'Mara cites Son of Batman as his favorite. Conroy chooses Mask of the Phantasm to a roaring applause. Timm chooses the Flashpoint Paradox as his favorite, but also names Under the Red Hood. Tucker chooses Assault on Arkham and Judas Contract.


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