'Pacific Rim Uprising' Director Open to Directing a DC Comics Movie

This weekend, audiences will get a chance to see Steven DeKnight's directing on the big screen, [...]

This weekend, audiences will get a chance to see Steven DeKnight's directing on the big screen, with the release of Pacific Rim Uprising. But as it turns out, the director would be willing to lend his talents to another franchise.

DeKnight was recently asked on Twitter if he would be willing to direct a DC Extended Universe movie. The director and former Smallville producer responded with a resounding answer, simply saying "Hell yes!"

This isn't the first time that DeKnight has expressed interest in re-entering the DC Comics world. Earlier this year, a tweet from DeKnight was interpreted to mean that he was interested in directing Man of Steel 2, under the right set of circumstances. And soon after, DeKnight voiced his opinion of who he would cast in a live-acton Batman television series.

But as DeKnight has expressed in the past, he enjoys the direction that Zack Snyder has taken Superman in the DCEU, and would like to see Snyder helm a hypothetical sequel.

"Superman is one of the hardest characters to write for. One of the brilliant things about Smallville is it's all about Clark. He wasn't Superman yet," DeKnight said earlier this month. "Superman's very different from Batman. Batman is this dark, psychologically messed up guy, Superman's the man we all aspire to be. He's inspirational and to try to find the human side of that, and not to mention, he's so powerful it's harder to relate to him so it's very, very difficult."

"I actually really like what Zack Snyder has done with that character," DeKnight continued. "It's a super hard, very tricky character to do and like I said, if we were doing on Smallville, if he were Superboy on Smallville, I don't think it would have worked."

But with an ever-growing number of DCEU films currently in development, there certainly would be plenty of options for DeKnight to take on.

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Pacific Rim Uprising is now in theaters.