Peacemaker: John Cena's DC Comics Character, James Gunn HBO Max Series Explained

A Peacemaker series is extending the DCEU to HBO Max with John Cena and James Gunn, so let's take a closer look at this character whos debut is coming in The Suicide Squad. HBO Max has ordered a Peacemaker series starring John Cena as DC Comics mercenary and The Suicide Squad director James Gunn is writing the whole thing. Gunn spent his time in 2020's quarantine writing this series, reminding us all that we essentially just wasted 6 months pounding tequila and Oreo's, but at least we will soon be able to enjoy more of his awesome work! The series should go into production in early 2021 which means if it follows a typically TV production schedule, it could debut in the Fall of 2021, just a few months after The Suicide Squad hits theaters in August.

The word on the street, and by "on the street," I mean the press release from Warner Brothers and HBO Max, is that this is going to follow Peacemaker's origins. So, let's talk about them: Peacemaker first appeared in Fightin' 5 #40 in 1966. On Tuesday, the price of that comic was about $30. Now, you'll be lucky to find it for less than $300 online.

Peacemaker's real name is Christopher Smith. He's an extreme pacificist to an intense extent. In others words - he will do anything to achieve peace - including disrupt it. This mentality is rooted in his father, a former soldier himself, committing suicide after witnessing terrible things as a Nazi commander. The trauma really defines Chris Smith and puts him on the path to becoming Peacemaker.

Joined the army at age 18, sent to the end of the Vietnam War. We might get a different version of this, since the Vietnam War won't be applicable. While at war, he inadvertently massacred an entire village of people and went to prison as a result. When he was released, Project: Peacemaker began, giving him an opportunity to excel in a counter terrorism program. He excelled but the program was shut down.

The Suicide Squad will probably skip that part in one way or another, because after Project: Peacemaker was shut down, Christopher Smith is freed anyway and, in the DCEU, Amanda Waller needs jailed villains so she can put bombs in their heads and force them to listen to her.

Inside of Peacemaker's shiny silver helmet is enough to make any man's head explode though. In the comics, that's where the souls of those he couldn't save live, so he's essentially carrying around all of that endless guilt on his shoulders and it just won't ever shut up no matter how much peace he keeps.

How much of this we will see in the show and the movie, well, who knows. There are always at least slight changes when adaptating a comic… it's just a bold choice to use Cena as free way to add an invisibility power. Did you really think we'd get through a whole story without one, "You can't see me!" pun?


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