DC's Peacemaker Suggests Captain America Is a Giant Wimp

DC's Peacemaker series is coming to HBO Max after The Suicide Squad, and the show is throwing down [...]

DC's Peacemaker series is coming to HBO Max after The Suicide Squad, and the show is throwing down a gauntlet on social media with a bold new claim: Marvel's Captain America is a "giant wimp." The Peacemaker series took to Twitter to throw some (humorous) salt on Marvel's big launch day for the What If...? series on Disney+, with the following post: "#whatif captain america wasnt a giant wimp and was at least five times stronger? he would be me". The tweet perfectly captures the tone of the Peacemaker character that John Cena and director James Gunn created in The Suicide Squad - and a pretty good reminder to watch Peacemaker on HBO Max.

In The Suicide Squad we meet Christopher Smith/Peacemaker (Cena), a mercenary who lives by an insane code of achieving world peace - no matter how many men women and children he has to kill in order to achieve it.

When it comes to the discussion of whether or not Peacemaker could stand against Captain America: The Suicide Squad established that Peacemaker really is an elite combat fighter, weapons master, espionage agent, and general one man army. However, Steve Rogers has done battle with alien tyrants and warriors that have conquered and/or destroyed thousands of worlds - not to mention he's made of actual golden moral fiber, and isn't a sociopath. It's kind of hard to argue that Peacemaker has a chance against Cap - but good for team behind the show for making a nice ripple on social media.

Peacemaker TV Series Says Marvel What If Captain America Giant Wimp Twitter

(Warning: SPOILERS Follow!)

During The Suicide Squad it gets revealed that Peacemaker has a deeper loyalty to Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) than other members of Task Force X. When it's discovered that the US government was behind "Project Starro" in the South American country of Corto Maltese, Peacemaker embarks on his secret side-mission: keeping evidence of that connection from ever getting out. To accomplish the mission (and maintain America's reputation) Peacemaker comes to blows with his fellow Squad members, and ends up killing Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman).

When Peacemaker tries to kill Ratcatcher 2 as well, Bloodsport (Idris Elba) ends up shooting down Peacemaker, instead. It seems like Peacemaker is done - until a post-credits scene reveals that Peacemaker is still alive, and that Waller and ARGUS still have need of his services (which will be put to use in the Peacemaker TV series). James Gunn recently clarified that Peacemaker will indeed be part sequel to The Suicide Squad and part prequel, as the show looks back at the origin of how Christopher Smith to become Peacemaker.

Once we see that, maybe we'll be able to better answer how a Peacemaker vs. Captain Americafight turns out.

Peacemaker will premiere on HBO Max in 2022. James Gunn will write and direct the series, and John Cena will reprise his role as Peacemaker.