Rumor: Batman V Superman Extended Cut Might Get Theatrical Release

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice might have seen a big drop in its second week, but the film is still pulling people into the theatre. Now Warner Bros. might be planning on another strategy to pull repeat viewers back into the seats as well.

On Heroic Insider, co-host Umberto Gonzalez touched on the rumor that "Warner Bros. is seriously considering giving the three hour cut of BVS a theatrical run before the July 16th home video release date across all platforms."

He and co-host Daniel Alter then proceeded to break down whether that is a good move. As Alter mentions, it would be a way for the studio to pull in some repeat viewers, as well as those who are curious if the new cut improves the overall quality of the film.

While this isn't officially confirmed, would you be up for seeing the 3-hour director's cut in theatres? Let us know in the comments!

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