Rumor: George Miller Being Considered For Green Lantern Corps Director

Miller GL

DC is being quite cautious with bringing Green Lantern into the Cinematic Universe fold. Nabbing the director of Mad Max: Fury Road would go a long way in instilling some much-needed confidence in the franchise.

Heroic Hollywood's Umberto Gonzalez has heard from sources that George Miller is heavily rumored to be the director for the upcoming Green Lantern Corps movie. The film isn't set to debut until June 19th, 2020, but I'm sure DC wants to get a head start on the film to make sure it isn't a repeat of the first Green Lantern film.


Mad Max: Fury Road was a spectacle to behold, and featured some fantastic action sequences. If Miller can make a glorified escort mission that entertaining, imagine what he could do with Green Lantern.