Ryan Potter Proves He Can Play Tim Drake Robin

Ryan Potter, the 20-year-old actor best known for voicing Hiro Hamada in Disney's animated film Big Hero 6 and playing Mike Fukanaga on Nickelodeon's martial-arts comedy series Supah Ninjas, has been openly campaigning to be Ben Affleck's Robin.

For over a year, Potter has expressed interest in playing Batman's sidekick, specifically mentioning Tim Drake and Dick Grayson as options, but over the past week, Potter ratcheted up his campaign, tweeting "Tim Drake has a real nice ring to it" and "Asian American Tim Drake adds diversity to Justice League cast."

And today, he took it to a whole new level, posting a "Tim Drake Concept Fight" video showcasing his immense martial-arts skills. What makes it even more impressive is that the fight sequence was choreographed and shot in just 3-and-a-half hours.

He concluded the video with a direct message to The Dark Knight actor: "Hey Ben, like Tim said, 'Batman needs a Robin.'"


Back in February 2015, when Potter was promoting Big Hero 6 and TNT was still developing a live-action Teen Titan television series, we talked to Potter about his dream role. "I'd love to play Dick Grayson as Robin or Nightwing on Teen Titans," he told us. "I feel there's not many superheroes at this moment in time that Asian American actors can play. It's not like an Asian American COULDN'T play these roles, but I don't think the public is ready for an Asian American Superman just yet. Unfortunately, I just don't think there are a lot of superheroes that an Asian American can play. You even think of a superhero that's influenced by Asian American culture, Iron Fist, and the guy behind the mask is caucasian. Hopefully there will be more for us to play in the future."