SDCC 2016: Melissa Benoist Talks CatCo Changes And Upping the Ante From a Kryptonian Army

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

The first season of Supergirl saw the Girl of Steel face off against an army of Kryptonian (and other alien) criminals and revolutionaries, with the fate of Earth hangingin the balance and the Martian Manhunter at her side.

It's pretty hard to top that, but series star Melissa Benoist is pretty confident they can do it -- and the addition of Supergirl to the CW DC Universe is a good indicator that the show will have everything they need to follow through.

Benoist joined for a brief chat on the press line at Comic Con International: San Diego this week as Team Supergirl looked forward to its upcoming season.

You're changing jobs; how does that change the dynamic of the supporting cast and the workplace?

I think things need to progress and everyone's moving around. It's a little bit like a chess board now with characters. I've read the first three episodes though and I think it's a good movement and people will like the way it's progressing.

Obviously when you start with an army of Kryptonians, it's hard to go up from there.

I think we can figure it out! We can figure out how to up the ante!


What's your ideal challenge: is it the more personal stuff, or is it the physical stuff? What brings you to the TV?

Any of it, really. I welcome any kind of challenge. The physical stuff was extremely challenging last season but I also love the emotional side of things. There's so much food to chew on with Kara and I would love to have more of that. More of her history and her past, and how she handles the present.

Supergirl returns to the airwaves in October, moving from CBS, where it debuted last year, to The CW, where it will play a larger role in the shared DC Universe of Arrow, The Flash, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.