Shazam! Director Teases Hero's Flight with Amazing Video

David F. Sandberg is at it again. The Shazam! director has been keeping fans up-to-date on progress for the DC Extended Universe film with posts on his Instagram and his latest offers an amazing glimpse of Shazam in flight.

The lower-quality video clip shows Shazam -- or at least the action figure incarnation of the hero -- rising from the ground in flight. However, the "flight" isn't quite what it seems, something Sandberg's caption hints at.

Day 27: You'll believe a man can fly.

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"Day 27: You'll believe a man can fly," Sandberg writes.

Careful examination of the clip shows that action figure Shazam isn't so much flying as he is falling, but the action is filmed from an angle that, when played back in reverse, looks like Sandberg has done the impossible and given a piece of plastic flight.

This video isn't the first time Sandberg, who has been posting a series of humorous updates on the making of Shazam!, has gotten the action figure version of the hero to fly. Last week the filmmaker posted another video clip that appeared to be shot from a moving car with the action figure coming into view to give the illusion of super flight and his wife previously shared a clip of Sandberg working on “special effects” using action figures as well.

Lighthearted updates and experiments with flying action figures aside, Sandberg has a lot of pre-production work to do before the film begins shooting next spring, specifically when it comes to casting. As has been reported previously, Sandberg is looking for two actors, one for young Billy Batson and one for the titular superhero. While a number of rumors have floated around, including those that indicated John Cena and Joshua Sausse were both considered for the role of Shazam, Warner Bros. has yet to make any official casting announcements.


Considering Sandberg seems to enjoy the Instagram updates, maybe news will break there sometime soon.

Shazam! was originally slated for an April 5, 2019 release date. No additional update about release date has been provided.


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