'Shazam!' Crosses $100 Million at Domestic Box Office

DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures have another modest hit on their hands with Shazam!, which just crossed a major milestone at the domestic box office just a couple weeks after it premiered in theaters.

After taking the top spot at the box office for the second week in a row, a new report from Deadline indicates that Shazam! just crossed the $100 million mark in stateside ticket sales. The movie now sits at $101.5 million in less than two weeks after hitting theaters.

After topping the premiere of Hellboy, the film has become the latest success story for DC Comics after their course correction since Justice League.

Shazam! might see its first major competition at the box office this weekend when The Curse of La Llorona premieres in theaters, but that's no sweat on the studio; both films come from New Line Cinema.

But both of these films will only have a short battle for box office dominance, as they'll both have to face deal with the Marvel Studios juggernaut when Avengers: Endgame premieres in theaters next week.

Shazam! is already a success for DC and WB, making nearly $280 million at the worldwide box office off of a budget of $100 million. Producers are already looking forward to the future, as Peter Safran previously explained to ComicBook.com.

"It is so unbelievably satisfying to get this kind of response," said Safran. "It's so difficult to make a movie that really connects with the critics and, you hope, with the audiences, which we'll discover this weekend, but it seems like it really is. It's really hard to do that, and particularly when you're trying for a tone that is somewhat unusual and perhaps a bit of a throwback, and so the fact that our touchstone was always those movies, the early Amblin movies, of Goonies and Gremlins and Ghostbusters, that was always the touchstone, the fact that we really managed to thread that needle feels incredibly good."


Added Safran, "We did something special, and you don't always get rewarded for doing something unique and different in this business. People seem to have really embraced it."

Shazam! is now playing in theaters everywhere.