'Shazam!' Behind-the-Scenes Photos Shows Zachary Levi and Asher Angel

The Shazam! movie is getting underway, as a behind-the-scenes photo of its stars Zachary Levi and [...]

The Shazam! movie is getting underway, as a behind-the-scenes photo of its stars Zachary Levi and Asher Angel have surfaced.

The photo appears to be taken by a crew member and posted to their Snapchat or Instagram account. In true Internet fashion, once it got out there, it got out there forever. The photo is captioned, "Here we go," and there is no word who posted it as a screenshot was posted to Reddit.

Check out the photo below.

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Levi's Shazam transformation is somewhat visible in the photo. The actor plans to bulk up for the role as he has expressed his excitement to play a teenager experiencing life in the fully grown adult body of a super hero.

Shazam first appeared on the pages of DC Comics in 1939 with the real name of Captain Marvel, created by C.C. Beck and writer Bill Parker. Shazam is alter ego of Billy Batson, a teenager who can transform into the adult hero with the power of six gods after saying, "Shazam!"

With Shazam! gearing up for production, some details from the upcoming Warner Bros. film have begun to slip out. Mark Strong will be playing Shazam's main villain (a role originally planned for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Black Adam) as Dr. Sivana.

"I think they've got a great plan over there with him and I wish those guys the best of luck," Johnson told ComicBook.com. "We had to split the idea because the obviously idea was Black Adam and Shazam. So we split it. Those guys are gonna do great with it." Recent casting call details have fans speculating an effort to cover up an appearance by Johnson's character in the film.

Next on DC Films' release schedule is Aquaman, followed by Shazam, before a sequel to the hit Wonder Woman movie which Gal Gadot will return to for a starring role and Patty Jenkins will return to direct. Down the line, movies such as Green Lantern Corps, The Batman, and Flashpoint are expected.

Shazam! is set to hit theaters on April 4th, 2019.