DC's 'Stargirl' Casting Details Revealed

Casting for DC Universe's upcoming Stargirl has begun and now a new report is revealing a few more [...]

Casting for DC Universe's upcoming Stargirl has begun and now a new report is revealing a few more details about what the show is looking for in its version of Courtney Whitmore.

A new report from That Hashtag Show indicates that the series is looking to cast an actress 18-years-old to play the 15-year-old heroine. The series is also reportedly looking for actresses of any ethnicity for the role, which could mean the show will take a bit of a departure from the blonde haired, blue eyed heroine in comics. The character is described as being "an intelligent, compassionate and athletic young woman" who was living a "perfect teenage life in Los Angeles" before she's uprooted to Blue Valley, Nebraska when her mother gets married. In Nebraska, she discovers that her stepfather used to be a superhero's sidekick and thus Courtney's adventures begin.

The report appears to match up with what we've seen previously from audition tapes for the role of Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl that surfaced last week. Those casting tapes included an audition scene of Courtney talking with her stepfather, Pat Dugan, about his heroic past and finds out he was a sidekick with the less-than-impressive name of Stripesy.

While not much is yet known about Stargirl, the project is an important one for Stargirl co-creator Geoff Johns. The character, originally created by Johns and Lee Moder and debuting in 1999's Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #1, was inspired by Johns' late sister of the same name and Johns told ComicBook.com last month that they were handling the show with great attention to detail.

"[We're handling casting the show] very carefully," Johns said. "It's going to be really... Warner TV is the best at casting these things. We've got great casting people. And what I'll be looking for somebody who embodies that energetic spirit, and a kindness, to what the character is and how they're portraying her. And someone that's really fun, that can chew bubble gum while kicking ass. And someone young, because we're going to go with a younger take on the character. She's about sixteen."

"I've been wanting to do it for a while, and the truth is, over the last few years as I'd been talking to Warners and DC about getting back to wanting to write and produce, this was something that was at the very top of my list." Johns revealed in a previous interview. "I've been working with Greg and Sarah over at Berlanti TV, and with Warner TV — I mean, I've been working with them for years. It's been great. I get to work with my team at DC in a more creative way. It's been in my head for a while, and once I made the move at DC, it came together pretty quickly."

Stargirl will mark the sixth original series for DC Universe, joining Titans, Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, Harley Quinn, and Young Justice: Outsiders. The streaming service recently announced its initial subscription options and is expected to roll out sometime this fall.

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Stargirl is expected to debut on DC Universe sometime in 2019.