DC's Stargirl Creator Teases Green Lantern, Flash

The upcoming Stargirl series debuting on DC Universe and The CW in May will see young hero Courtney Whitmore not only become the titular Stargirl, but also inspire a new generation of heroes, putting together a new incarnation of the Justice Society of America -- also called the JSA. The series will also show the fate of the original JSA team, but while Stargirl won't center on familiar JSA favorites such as Alan Scott's Green Lantern or Jay Garrick's Flash, that doesn't mean they won't still be a part of the show. According to series creator Geoff Johns, their legacies factor in the series, and there may be more to come.

In an interview with IGN, Johns spoke a bit about how the show would incorporate the previous JSA, including Flash and Green Lantern. He also teased that he didn't to spoil too much for fans.

"[Green Lantern and Flash] are spoken of and they exist in the JSA," Johns said. "There's a picture of them in the first episode, and there's plans in the future for things, but Jay Garrick and Alan Scott, to me, are always the elderly statesmen. They're the big heroes of the JSA and their shadow is very long and they're great characters. They are a part of the original JSA and their legacies will be felt throughout the show. I don't want to spoil too much about it, but I can leave it at that."

He also addressed Stargirl's connection to The CW's Arrowverse. The show was revealed to be part of the Arrowverse's multiverse -- specifically Earth-2 -- during "Crisis on Infinite Earths".

However, just because Stargirl is part of the broader Arrowverse, fans might not want to get too excited yet about any direct involvement. Johns said the main concern now is just making sure that Stargirl is great.


"The future is wide open in the DC multiverse, so anything can happen between film and TV," he said. "Who knows? Because that's what the multiverse is. Obviously, right now the main concern is making sure that this show is great, that these characters are great, that they have their own stories and they get the proper screen time and the proper episodes to develop on their own. So hopefully in the future we can do something fun, but the first season is all about making sure that Stargirl is the best show it can possibly be."

Stargirl premieres on DC Universe on Monday, May 18, with new episodes airing weekly. The show premieres on The CW on Tuesday, May 19.

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