Suicide Squad Director Reveals Never Before Seen Makeup Test for Jared Leto's Joker

It's safe to say that Jared Leto's iteration of the Joker that appeared in 2016's Suicide Squad is easily the biggest departure from the source material that has been featured on the big screen to this point. This Joker worked out of a flashy club, donned a set of gold teeth, and covered his pale body with all sorts of different tattoos. Like the Suicide Squad movie itself, Leto's Joker was incredibly divisive amongst fans. Some truly loved his take on the character, while many others actively try to block it from their memories. Regardless of how anyone felt on a personal level, Leto's Joker certainly made his mark on the character.

Even with Joaquin Phoenix's version of the Joker taking over the Internet as of late, Leto's rendition still gets people talking from time to time. On Thursday morning, Suicide Squad director David Ayer posted a new photo from Leto's early makeup tests, showing a close up of the actor with a different tattoo on his face.

"This is an early Joker make up test," Ayer wrote in the post. "The research and fine tuning when crafting a character are endless."

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This is an early #Joker make up test. The research and fine tuning when crafting a character are endless.

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This edition of the Joker makeup features a new "haha" tattoo over Leto's left eye and a small "J" on the cheek below it. The "J" actually ended up on the final version of the character but the eyebrow ink was ultimately cut.

With Warner Bros. heading in a new direction with the live-action DC films, it's likely we've seen the last of Leto's Joker. Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) basically writes the character out of Harley Quinn's life, as the film begins with her moving on from their relationship. James Gunn revealed the cast for The Suicide Squad earlier this year and Leto was unsurprisingly absent from it.


A recent report suggested that Leto was "alienated and upset" by Todd Phillips' Joker movie, which has won the weekend at the box office for two straight weeks.

What did you think of Leto's Joker? Is there any chance he is able to reappear in a DC movie? Let us know in the comments!