'Supergirl' Recap With Spoilers: "Legion of Super-Heroes"

'Legion of Super-Heroes' begins with Kara waking up to a knock at the door. She opens it up and is [...]

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"Legion of Super-Heroes" begins with Kara waking up to a knock at the door. She opens it up and is introduced to Brainiac 5, who's been sent by Mon-El to check up on her.

It's revealed that Kara is still in a coma from her run-in with Reign in the midseason finale, and Brainiac 5 is able to project himself into her consciousness to check up on her. Kara briefly forgets about her battle with Reign, and once she remembers, she attempts to wake herself up so she can fight Reign.

Brainiac 5 leaves Kara's consciousness and informs the group of Mon-El, Imra, J'onn, Winn, and Alex that although her brain is in good shape, she's very upset.

Sam and Ruby are having a Nerf-gun fight when Sam accidentally knocks over a picture frame, breaking it. Distracted, Sam's attention is drawn to a tabloid showing a picture of the Reign and Supergirl battle.

Back at Reign's fortress, she gets further instructions from the holographic projection there.

At CatCo, Lena and James talk about the kiss they previously shared. They decide that once Kara gets in for the workday, they should tell her. Reign suddenly breaks a window and drops a criminal she kidnapped on the floor. She orders a cameraman to record her, when she goes on a monologue where she launches a war on criminality and the justice system.

Back on Mon-El's ship, the DEO agents try getting Mon-El and his Legion of Super-Heroes to help out with Reign. Much to their dismay, Mon-El refuses to help saying it's too risky. If they die, they risk reshaping the future.

J'onn asks Winn if they have any remaining kryptonite that they can use against Reign, and a hesistant Winn and Alex agree.

Alex goes to visit Thomas Coville, the previous leader of the Cult of Rao. Coville revealed that the defeat of Supergirl helped get them all ready for Reign.

Back at CatCo, James tries to hide Kara's identity as Supergirl from Lena by saying she's sick with the flu at home. Lena decides she needs to go check in on her and James delays her by telling her to take Kara some soup.

Back in Kara's subconscious, the pod she's been held in starts draining, signaling that she's ready to wake up. Brainiac 5 explains that to wake up physically, she must exit through her door, but it won't budge. Brainiac 5 explains that it must not be opening because Kara is holding herself back.

An alarm goes off on Mon-El's ship, signaling Reign has attacked again. They watch the news report that Reign has attacked a meth house, injuring both the drug dealers and the cops that arrived on scene.

Alex overhears Mon-El telling Imra that they can't intervene, and when approached, Mon-El explains that if they were to intervene, they'd risk destroying a planet integral to the future.

Winn approaches J'onn at the DEO, saying that James had approached him about Lena being on her way over to Kara's. J'onn transforms into Kara and goes to Kara's apartment, pretending to be her as Lena arrives.

Lena spills the beans on her intimate moment with James. Lena leaves soon after, and J'onn makes Winn promise to never make him do that again.

J'onn and the rest of the DEO agents decide to stage a bank robbery in an effort to draw out Reign. They proceed with their plans, and when Reign arrives, they throw a red star grenade at her in hopes of weakening her powers. They then use kryptonite to tie her up but she's quickly able to knock out the agents trying to apprehend her. After a quick fight with J'onn, she's able to escape.

On Mon-El's ship, it's revealed that Reign broke Alex's tibia. After discussing potential plans, the group comes to the conclusion that they have to get the kryptonite in her blood stream.

Brainiac 5 goes back into Kara's mind, and the two brainstorm ways on how to get Kara to wake up. Kara surprises Brainiac 5 by mentioning that maybe her subsonscious is making her clean because it wants her to find something.

Kara finds a picture of her and her pet cat and she describes the process it took her to be gentle enough to pet the cat at first. She explained that once she was able to pet the cat without hurting it, she felt human.

Another alarm goes off showing that Reign has started another attack. This time it's at a prison, and the group realizes that Reign will kill both the inmates and guards.

Under pressure, Mon-El and Imra both agree to finally help out, and the two suit up alongside Brainiac 5 to go take on Reign. Reign stumbles across Coville's jail cell when Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" starts blaring on in the background.

A distracted Reign goes out into a courtyard where she's confronted by Mon-El and Imra while Brainiac 5 pilots Mon-El's ship, and the two sides start fighting.

Brainiac 5 lets it slip in Kara's mind that there's a battle raging on, and Kara suddenly finds a key on the table that allows her to open the door.

Kara wakes up on Mon-El's ship and tells Alex that she must help the Legion fight Reign. Kara's able to get close enough to inject Reign with the kryptonite, but Reign promptly flies off.

Back on Mon-El's ship, the Legion is busy getting their wounds attended to. Mon-El pulls Kara aside and tells her that he still cares about her and was worried that she wouldn't wake up.

James is working late at CatCo and Lena approaches him after her earlier talk with J'onn posing as Kara. James admits he really likes Lena, and the two kiss again.

Kara and Alex are catching up over a glass of wine at Kara's apartment.

Reign is writhing in pain from the injection of kryptonite at her Fortress. The green glow goes away, and Reign is able to stand up. Reign finds out there are more people like her that can help, and in walks Coville.