Supergirl: Lex Luthor Has "Bigger Plans" in Season 4 Finale Scene

Supergirl's Season 4 finale airs tonight on The CW, and that means it's time for Lex Luthor make his ultimate power play, a final push for whatever nefarious plan he's been building toward behind the scenes for seemingly years. As with any villainous plan, there are some surprises in store for fans tonight and fans are getting a sneak peek at one involving Red Daughter in a new scene from tonight's upcoming episode.

The CW has released a scene from "The Quest For Peace", tonight's Season 4 finale of Supergirl. As fans of the Arrowverse series will recall, last week's episode ended on a horrifying and tragic note with a Lexosuit-clad Lex "saving" the United States from a Kasnian attack and killing "Supergirl" in the process. That "Supergirl" Lex appeared to kill was actually Red Daughter, a copy of the Kryptonian heroine that was in Kasnian custody, but in the clip, it seems that Red Daughter survived Lex -- only to finally understand his betrayal. You can check the scene out in the video above.

As Lex (Jon Cryer) says in the scene, he has bigger plans for Red Daughter (Melissa Benoist) as well as reiterates how much he hates Kryptonians. It's that hatred of Kryptonians that appears to be, at a minimum, part of his grand plan, though according to Cryer's recent comments to Entertainment Weekly, may in fact be the actual force behind everything he's done up to this point. While the photos from tonight's episode shows Lex in the Oval Office and presumably at the height of power, his real plan involves something much darker.

"[The finale] reveals his ultimate plan, which is even darker than I expected," Cryer said. "There's another plan within this plan. It reveals his more sociopathic tendencies, and that's actually what's been fun for me playing the character -- this iteration of Lex is a real threat. They really let Lex be scary."

How scary? Lex wants revenge on Superman.

"[His plan] also involves him getting revenge on Superman," Cryer said. "He really tries to wrap it all up in one super-duper evil plan."


Getting revenge on Superman, however, may have some major ramifications. As fans saw at the end of the "Elseworlds" crossover event, Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) is off Earth currently. He and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) left for Argo after finding out that Lois is pregnant. As Superman doesn't have powers on Argo, it's a safer place for Lois to be while carrying their child. If Lex does try to get his revenge on Superman, it may mean that he's going to go after his family or, worse yet, even Argo entirely. It's that unknown element of Lex's master plan that could make Supergirl's mission to expose and stop Lex even more critical than even she could expect -- and could make for an explosive, high-stakes season finale.

Supergirl airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. The season finale, "The Quest For Peace", airs tonight, May 19.