'Supergirl' Will Bring Lex Luthor to the Daily Planet Next Week

On Sunday night's episode of Supergirl, Lex Luthor arrived in National City. Having managed to use [...]

On Sunday night's episode of Supergirl, Lex Luthor arrived in National City. Having managed to use his terminal illness as leverage, the villainous mastermind manipulated pretty much everyone in his path in order to not only get his sister to test her Harun-El cure but cure himself with it and escape in order to continue his war against aliens in general but Kryptonian in specific. Supergirl is already on the case, though, and in the next episode that will take her and Lex to a familiar location for Superman fans: the Daily Planet.

Speaking with press ahead of "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" Supergirl executive producer Robert Rovner and Lex Luthor actor Jon Cryer spoke a bit about what to expect, revealing that Supergirl and Lex will have an epic fight at Metropolis' major newspaper.

"It's too short, as far as I'm concerned," Cryer said about the fight. "I could punch her forever. But I have to say, as a, just again, the 14 year-old boy in me comes out because we did one of the shots where ... Supergirl lands on the roof and she's got the Beyoncé fan blowing her hair and I got chills because it's just so beautifully done."

"Well, and you know what's cool about the fight is that it takes us to the Daily Planet, so we get to see Lex and Supergirl at the Daily Planet," Rovner added.

As comic book fans can tell you, the Daily Planet and its building is almost as iconic as Lex Luthor is a villain. A major newspaper based in Metropolis, the Daily Planet is where Clark Kent and Lois Lane both work as reporter and where Jimmy Olsen also worked. Perry White is the Daily Planet's editor-in-chief. The building itself is also something of a character, with an iconic planet sitting atop it as part of its sign.

The idea of Supergirl and Lex fighting at the Daily Planet is an interesting one as it not only plays on the iconography of Superman, but Supergirl's alter ego, Kara Danvers, is a reporter for CatCo Worldwide Media -- a competitor to the Daily Planet. There's also the idea that Supergirl showing up at the Daily Planet will also see the heroine keeping her word to her cousin to protect the Earth while he's gone. At the end of the "Elseworlds" Arrowverse crossover this last fall, Clark and Lois revealed that Lois is pregnant, and, for her safety, they would be spending time on Argo where neither Clark nor the baby would have super powers.

Of course, the fight at Daily Planet might not be the only interesting fight in the episode. Based on the preview for the upcoming "The House of L" Supergirl may find herself facing off with her Kasnian counterpart, the mysterious Red Daughter that has been teased all season. The promo makes it very clear that not only will Red Daughter be a threat, but one with some very specific backing -- none other than Lex Luthor.

Supergirl airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.