J.J. Abrams Comments on Rumors About Him Directing the Next Superman

Ever since Man of Steel premiered in theaters over five years ago, there have been questions over when Superman would get a proper sequel in the DC Comics movie universe. We've seen the character's adventures continue in films like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, but those have all been ensemble films attempting to unite many heroes, rather than giving Superman his moment in the sun. But when news broke that filmmaker J.J. Abrams signed a lucrative contract with Warner Bros. Pictures, many have speculated that the Star Wars director would turn his direction toward Kal El of Krypton before long.

But when Abrams was asked about the speculation that he would direct a Superman movie, the filmmaker revealed that it's yet to be decided.

"We haven’t had those discussions yet," Abrams said to Rolling Stone, though the report makes it clear that it's not a very convincing answer.

The future of Superman has been under speculation for years, especially because producers and Hollywood executives make it clear that there are not major plans in place to see the character on the big screen. In fact, it's widely assumed that Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill will not return to play Superman for a fourth film, even if it's a solo project.

There were rumors that Cavill would appear in the upcoming Black Adam, especially with the Mission: Impossible - Fallout star being represented by Dwayne Johnson's business partner Dany Garcia. But that's still no guarantee that Cavill will reprise his role as Superman in the Rock's DC Comics movie.

Producer Hiram Garcia spoke about the possibility for Superman to appear in Black Adam, teasing that it would be an awesome development for the comic book franchise.

"I think the DC Universe is a wonderful universe and we're open to everything," Garcia explained. "We have big aspirations for it. We're friends with Henry. [Dwayne] and Henry are friends, it's a huge comic book brand as well. And I always just loved the idea. Who knows? But man, Black Adam for Superman is really cool. That'd be really powerful."


Cavill will next appear in the Netflix series The Witcher, based on the novels and video game series of the same name, premiering on December 20th.

Black Adam is set to premiere in movie theaters on December 22, 2021.

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