Superman & Lois Sets Up Teen Wolf Reunion With Ian Bohen to Guest Star

Teen Wolf's Ian Bohen will meet up with his former co-star Tyler Hoechlin in the coming months, as he becomes a recurring guest star on the second season of The CW's Superman & Lois. The move was officially announced yesterday in the trades, after Hoechlin shared a behind-the-scenes video on Instagram, in which he "ran into" Bohen with a caption asking what he was doing there. Bohen, who was a member of the GCPD in The Dark Knight Rises, played Peter Hale on Teen Wolf, appearing in numerous episodes between 2011 and 2017. Hoechlin played Peter's nephew, Derek Hale, in the series.

Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer before it, Teen Wolf took a supernatural comedy that had originated as a feature film, and translated it to the small screen as a broody, bloody teen drama. The series ran for six seasons and a total of 100 episodes on MTV. While ViacomCBS owns MTV and co-owns The CW, Superman & Lois is a Warner Bros. production, so that connection is likely a coincidence.

Bohen will reportedly play a character named Lt. Mitch Anderson, and while there is a character of the name in the comics -- created by Dan Jurgens during "The Death of Superman" storyline -- it seems the name is just about all they have in common. In the comics, Mitch was a disaffected teen whose life changed when Doomsday slammed through his house, nearly killing his family, and he learned to idolize Superman after the Man of Steel willingly gave up his advantage in the fight to help the Andersons survive.

According to Deadline, who officially broke the casting news, Bohen's Anderson will be the metaphorical "new sheriff in town" at the DOD. His worldview divides into two types - those you serve and those who serve you. He doesn't like that Superman exists outside that paradigm and tries to bring the Man of Steel under his authority officially.

If that sounds familiar, it's likely because elements of that personality have been seen before, by Sam Lane in the comics, and then in various members of the DEO and federal government on Supergirl. In Superman & Lois, Sam Lane has learned to be a more family-first kind of guy over time, so it seems likely the Department of Defense wants someone who is a little less chummy with Superman.


It's also the second time that a Jurgens-created character has been brought into the Arrowverse in a surprising way: in season four of Supergirl, the big bad was Ben Lockwood, the antihero known as Agent Liberty. Also created by Jurgens, Agent Liberty in the comics was flawed, sometimes violent, and sometimes confused, but not outright cruel or amoral as seen on TV.

Bohen is currently appearing on Yellowstone alongside Kevin Costner and Elizabeth Olsen. There is no formal premiere date yet for the new season of Superman & Lois