Superman: Red Son Animated Movie First Look and Voice Cast Revealed

Superman Red Son First Look Image

A first-look image for DC's Superman: Red Son animated has been revealed, along witht he full voice cast for the film. You can check out the image below. The cast of film includes Jason Isaacs (Batman: Under the Red Hood) as Superman; Diedrich Bader (American Housewife) as Lex Luthor; Amy Acker (The Gifted) as Lois Lane; Vanessa Marshall (Star Wars Rebels) as Wonder Woman; Phil Morris (Doom Patrol) as James Olsen; Paul Williams (Goliath) as Brainiac; Sash Roiz (Grimm) and Phil LaMarr (Supergirl) as Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart; and Roger Graig Smith (Arkham Origins) as Batman. In addition to those iconic DC heroes, Red Son's premise brings some Cold War-era figures into the mix. Travis Willingham (Batman: Bad Blood) will voice John F. Kennedy and Superior Man, while William Sayers (Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders) will voice Joseph Stalin, and Ave Zoli will voice Svetlana.

If you never read the story that inspired the film, Superman: Red Son is a three-part 'prestige series' that exists as one of DC's "Elseworlds" alternative universe stories. It was released in 2003 by Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar and a team of artists, and sprung from the simple premise that, in this reality, the rocket that brought baby Kal-El to Earth landed in the Soviet Union instead of the American heartland. What results is a very different path of history: Superman becomes the Soviet's greatest weapon, and eventually a communist leader that makes the Soviet Union prosper; Lex Luthor is a great scientist recruited by CIA agent Jimmy Olsen to destroy Superman. The Cold War gets hot when Luthor's Superman clone battles the real Superman, resulting in a near-nuclear disaster. Superman becomes increasingly authoritative, essentially lobotomizing anyone who opposes the Communist Party and making them his "robots."

Luthor enacts other plans (trying to shrink down Moscow with Superman in it; teaming with the Soviet Batman to lure Superman into a trap using Wonder Woman as bait...) before he and Jimmy Olsen are elected president and vice president, respectively. Luthor restores America's prosperity while eventually maneuvering Superman into a direct conflict. That conflict ends with Superman's assistant Brainiac turning on its master and trying to take out the US. Superman and Luthor stop Brainiac, but the effort results in Superman's apparent death. However, a thousand years after Luthor's prosperous reign, his widow Lois notices a figure (Clark Kent) who vaguely reminds her of Superman.

Superman: Red Son is being directed by Sam Liu (Batman/Superman: Public Enemies, Reign of the Supermen) from a script by J.M. DeMatteis (Justice League Dark). It will be released on DVD/Blu-ray and digital download during the first quarter of 2020.