'Swamp Thing' TV Series To Be In Separate Universe From 'Titans' And 'Doom Patrol'

The upcoming Swamp Thing series for the DC Universe streaming service will not take place in the [...]

The upcoming Swamp Thing series for the DC Universe streaming service will not take place in the same television universe as the Titans or Doom Patrol TV shows.

All three shows will debut exclusively on Warner Bros. new streaming service, which will serve as a competitor of sorts to Netflix or Hulu. However, CNET reports that the three show's only link will be the platform on which they appear. While Titans and Doom Patrol will both take place in the same shared universe (Doom Patrol is actually a spinoff of Titans), Swamp Thing will have no ties or shared continuity with the other series.

All three television shows will feature characters that haven't been seen on live-action television or movies in quite some time. Swamp Thing will be executive produced by James Wan (director of the upcoming Aquaman movie) and will star Abby Arcane as a CDC researcher who travels back to her Louisiana hometown to investigate a swamp-borne virus. There she meets and forms a connection with fellow scientist Alec Holland, but he dies shortly after. Afterwards, she discovers that the swamp has powerful mystic forces and that Holland might not be totally gone after all.

No casting has been announced for the new series, nor is there any release date for the new Swamp Thing show.

While the world of Swamp Thing might be perfect for a group like the Doom Patrol to explore, it does make sense to keep the two worlds separate. A trailer for Titans depicts a much grittier and more violent world than what Swamp Thing wants to explore. Although Swamp Thing is a horror story at its heart, it might not mesh well with the "F*** Batman" tone established by the Titans trailer yesterday. After all, there's a strange beauty to Swamp Thing, a sort of mystique and strangeness that can only be found in nature.

The DC Universe streaming service will debut later this year and will feature a mix of live-action and animated series. Along with Titans, Swamp Thing, and Doom Patrol, Warner Bros is also developing a new Stargirl live-action series for the service, along with new episodes of the animated series Young Justice. An animated series starring Harley Quinn is also in development. Older DC-related TV shows and movies will also be available on the service, as will a rotating selection of DC comics.