The Batman Filmmaker Matt Reeves Says Bruce Wayne Will Be Connected to the People of Gotham

The Batman's Matt Reeves is arguing that Bruce Wayne will be firmly connected to the people of Gotham in his upcoming film. The director sat down with Nerdist to talk all things Caped Crusader. During the conversation, the isolated nature of Batman on-screen came up. Reeves made it clear that this time, the hero is a native son and that drive to protect the city has a ton to do with the people on the ground. Sometimes the humanizing edges of The Dark Knight can be sanded away, but Reeves has no intention of backing away from that element of Batman. He's out here to fight for the people at every turn.

"I'm going to pitch the version of Batman that I would do, which is going to have a humanist bent. And who knows if they'll have any interest? If they don't, then I won't do it. And that'll be okay," Reeves said. "I was really lucky that they said yes."

"It's not even like that's an approach that I take, like it's some kind of idea of, 'Wouldn't it be great?' It's sort of the only thing that allows me to understand how to do it," he continued. "I can only understand where the camera goes and how to talk about the story, how to write the story, how to talk to the actors, if I understand emotionally what it is I have to do. Otherwise I'd be lost."

"Some people are incredible choreographers and they know how to create an incredible visual dance, or all of that kind of stuff. And I love that kind of stuff. But at the end of the day, I have to understand it emotionally," Reeves concluded.

"Getting the character" goes a long way with superhero fans. A big criticism people love to lob at the last man to direct Batman was that he had some "unique" takes on the hero. But, Zack Snyder thought that the unifying bond of humanity was central to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This time around The Batman will bring that into the spotlight with moments among the people of the city. Hopefully, that will also mean more attention paid to what makes Bruce Wayne tick beyond the inciting incident with his parents in Crime Alley.


Warner Bros. next releases Wonder Woman 1984 August 14, 2020, The Batman June 25, 2021, and the James Gunn-directed The Suicide Squad August 6, 2021.

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