The Batman Writer Breaks Silence on Sequel

Earlier today brought official confirmation about the future of The Batman sequel, with an official title and release date confirmed by the studio. Screenwriter Mattson Tomlin, along with director Matt Reeves, have broken their silence about the news that their series is continuing. The former, who helped bring the first movie to the screen and is working on the sequel too, simply tweeted: "Part II 😎 @mattreevesLA 🦇," captioned alongside a gif from the ending of The Batman. Reeves, credit to his consistency, replied to Tomlin's message with just three Bat emojis, doign the same for other tweets about the news, while also calling his take on the character an "EPIC. CRIME. SAGA."

"Matt is working on Batman 2, which he thinks of it as a Batman crime saga, which also includes the Penguin TV series," DC Studios Co-CEO James Gunn said about The Batman sequel. "And it is its own thing, and he's hard at work on that. He came in and pitched us some amazing, really cool stuff the other day. Our plan is for that to continue."  His fellow Co-CEO Peter Safran added, "Batman's not a stepchild. I mean, it's all under DC. We are fully invested in the success of the Batman, just like we are everything else."

The Batman — Part II is now scheduled to be released in theaters on October 3, 2025, meaning the time between the first movie and its sequel will be over three years apart. As fans may recall, The Batman had orgiinally been slated for an October release date as well before being delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That original release date would have tied into the movie's content, which began on Halloween and concluded just days later. One might assume the same about The Batman – Part II as well, which perhaps might be a good bet in the end.

No cast or story details about the movie were confirmed but Robert Pattinson is set to reprise his role of Bruce Wayne/Batman for the film. Considering The Batman will be categorized as an "Elseworlds" story in the DCU canon, and another Batman movie titled The Brave and the Bold is in development, it seems safe to assume that Pattinson will never get a Robin of his own since that partnership will be key to that other movie. 

It seems noteworthy to also consider the title, rather than mixing things up like many DC fans thought they would, the sequel is just adding "Part II" to the end of the title. Considering the connectivity that Reeves is hoping to develop for the movies and their respective spinoff TV shows like The Penguin, it's perhaps not far-fetched to think of The Batman and The Batman – Part II naming conventions as being done in reference to The Godfather movies.