The Dark Knight Topped Twitter As Favorite Movie


If you've been on social media -- especially Twitter -- this week, you've likely see the #7favfilms meme, or some variation on it.

The idea was that, within the constraints of Twitter's 140 characters, people were encouraged to share their seven favorite films.

(Mine, put to audio for The Emerald City Video Podcast, included Guardians of the Galaxy, which narrowly missed the composite rankings for readers, who place it at #10 all time.)

One place where you guys had your fingers much more on the pulse of the wider internet audience than I did? Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight.

It came in at #1 in the audience rankings, which is exactly where it came in when Mashable broke down the entirety of the #7favfilms hashtag and figured out what movies had been the most often cited by Twitter.

Social media research film and digital media consultancy Fizziology reports that the hashtag was used nearly 100,000 times during a 14-hour period on Monday, and that the top 15 entries include The Empire Strikes Back, The Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, and The Godfather, but it's The Dark Knight -- the only movie to earn more than 5,000 votes -- that took the top spot.

Mashable also noted, "With films like Godfather, Harry Potter and Alien, people were more likely to group the films together, or not specify a certain favorite in the franchise. But with the Star Wars films, people specifically called out Empire Strikes Back."

Long after that 14-hour period, the hashtag continued to trend -- and when a famous person chimes in, it has been rearing its head again for short periods of time over the last few days.


What were your #7favfilms?

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