The Flash EP Teases Iris' Importance in "Armageddon"

To say that Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is having a bad day as part of The Flash's five-part "Armageddon" event would be a vast understatement. Last week's episode of The CW series saw the Scarlet Speedster lose his job with the revelation that he's under federal investigation for allegedly being a mole inside the Central City Police Department, lose his Team Flash base with the city shutting down STAR Labs over a radiation leak, and then perhaps the most devastating loss of all, the discovery that his surrogate father, Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) is dead and has been for months. It's enough to send him seeking Black Lightning (Cress Williams) for help, but this week Barry won't be the only member of Team Flash seeking help. The previously released synopsis for "Armageddon, Part 3" reveals that Iris (Candice Patton) seeks out a powerful ally and while the synopsis doesn't reveal who that is, according to The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace, Iris is a major component of the big twist at the center of "Armageddon".

Earlier this month, Wallace spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the event and teased the significance of Iris' role in stopping "Armageddon" and, from the sound of things, Barry simply can't do it without her.

"There's a reason why Iris on that poster," Wallace said, referring to the "Armageddon" event poster in which Iris is prominently featured. "She is so integral to this story, especially when it gets to the big twist in the middle. Barry can't stop 'Armageddon' without his rock and lightning rod, Iris. The world will end if Iris doesn't step up and she does-and in the most emotional way possible."

It seems like Iris will begin to "step up" in Tuesday night's episode of The Flash when she starts questioning the truth of Despero's version of the future. You can check out the official episode synopsis for "Armageddon, Part 3" below.

"BLACK LIGHTNING, RYAN WILDER, ALEX DANVERS AND RYAN CHOI APPEAR – Barry (Grant Gustin) meets Black Lightning (guest star Cress Williams) at the Hall of Justice after things take a dire turn with Despero (guest star Tony Curran). Iris (Candice Patton) suspects something is off with Despero's vision of the future so she seeks help from a powerful ally. Javicia Leslie, Chyler Leigh and Osric Chau guest star. Chris Peppe directed the episode written by Sam Chalsen."

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. "Armageddon, Part 3" airs on November 30th.

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