Kiersey Clemons Will Play Iris West In ‘Flashpoint’

If you had any concerns about whether The Flash had lost his Iris West, then you can sleep a [...]

If you had any concerns about whether The Flash had lost his Iris West, then you can sleep a little easier tonight. Justice League may have overlooked Kiersey Clemons last year, but that won't be the case for The Flash's first solo venture.

Tonight, Conan will go live with an interview with Clemons, and it is there the actress will open up about her DCEU commitments. According to a new report, the actress will take part in Flashpoint and bring her take on Iris to life in the film.

If you have kept up with the DCEU and its take on Iris, you will know the character was meant to appear in Justice League. Clemons confirmed she had filmed a scene for the big blockbuster, but Iris wasn't anywhere to be found when the film hit theaters. Of course, the scene is just one of many which were left on the cutting room floor, but Clemons seemed to have enjoyed filming her bit as Iris regardless.

"I know the parts that I did introducing Iris are f---ing sick. I can't wait to see the movie," Clemons told fans when she confirmed her role in Justice League.

"I'm so happy that I've been introduced to this genre because I didn't really have any type of desire to be a part of any superhero world. And then I stepped on the set of Justice League and I was like, "Holy s---. All right!"

Hopefully, Clemons can carry that kind of introduction from Justice League into Flashpoint. After all, the actress has been a fan-favorite pick since she was cast, and expectations for her take on Iris are running high.

So far, there is no word on how Iris will fit into Flashpoint or even if The Flash project will retain that name. Not long ago, rumors regarding a title change for the solo venture were prompted by reporter Umberto Gonzalez and even The Hollywood Reporter. The word is that Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Entertainment may scrap the famous 'Flashpoint' comic story for Barry Allen's solo debut. So, here's to hoping directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have got a vision for the movie mapped out already.

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