The Flash Star Grant Gustin Speaks out After Racist Online Attacks Against Co-Star Candice Patton

The Flash's Candice Patton is, unfortunately, a frequent target for racist comments from "fans" who take issue with the fact that she plays Iris West-Allen, a character who in comics is traditionally a white character. Despite The CW series being on the air for five years -- it enters its sixth season this fall -- and Patton being a major player for all of them, the comments persist. Now, however, series star Grant Gustin is speaking out against those racist trolls, making it very clear once and for all that he stands with Patton.

Earlier this week, Gustin posted a video to his personal Instagram expressing support for LGBTQ+ rights, encouraging people to donate to Tie the Knot and the ACLU, two organizations that advocate for equality. However, his video was soon swamped with comments from fans criticizing the actor for taking up for the LGBTQ+ community but never having been vocal about his support for Patton. Now, in an Instagram story, Grant is making it clear: he has her back, something he clarified in a comment on his original LGBTQ+ post as well. You can check out Gustin's video message as captured and saved by a fan below.

"Our Iris is an African-American actress. She is black. She is beautiful and she is our Iris and she always is gonna be," Gustin said. "Always has and always will be. She is Barry's endgame and Candice Patton plays her. And she will continue to play her, and I have her back and will have her back. I'm sorry if that hasn't been made clear, but that's the case and it always will be, so that's it."

Of course, even though Gustin has made it pretty clear how he feels about his co-star, standing up for Patton in the video isn't quite enough. In addition to the video, Gustin has made it clear in comments on another post that he will be more vigilant about speaking out against things, comments on the fan account reposting Gustin's story continue to call him out for not doing enough for Patton.

As for Patton herself, the actress shamed a "fan" for being both racist and homophobic on Twitter this week. When a user commented in a now-deleted tweet that they love her work but are upset about the inclusion of transgender and lesbian characters in the Arrowverse, Candice gave the best possible reply.

"Mark, You'll be alright. I promise. I made it through my entire childhood and many years after that with mostly straight white heroes," Patton wrote. "Thank you for supporting my work. I do appreciate that."


The Flash returns this fall on The CW.

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